Saturday, March 1, 2014

#92 ====ITS TIME TO BE SHEIK====

Hello everyone, I have a news for you and I am so happy to share this to you guys, Yesterday I receive a good news, I could say she is a stranger because I don't know who she was :) and she told me that I was hired to be her store manager and that is when I remember that, yes! I think I apply for a managerial stuff like that but because I don't have any experience working on such position in SL, so I was not hoping that I could get the job but inspite of that, I still try to apply and rely on my luck lol* and fortunately and indeed I am so lucky that among of the applicants I got the job and I am so very thankful that inspite of lack of experience a nice lady trusted me in such responsibility and now I am working my way not to impress her with the things I can do and what I'm capable of but also help her and do my job as I was expected and I am so excited because this is new to me and also because in this way I can challenge myself and prove to my self that I can do more in this world (SL) *grin... Yup! Now I am the new manager of Sheik Bags *SB* and Thank you to the owner, Ms. Temperance Snoodle, that she pick me among others and also congrats to me yay!. 

Today I will be posting some of the gifts from Sheik Bags *SB* and I am not only the Manager but I am one of the bloggers of Sheik Bags *SB* so from now on and on the next post I will be posting stuffs from Sheik Bags *SB* and I have also good news to all the bloggers out there, The Sheik Bags *SB* is looking for bloggers to help us blog our items and who ever wants to apply, please don't hesitate and send me a note card inworld (iamsybil Resident) and for more info or just want to ask questions you can also check our face book page and visit the store and from there you can get the application letter.
So what can I say with this bags? the bags are very affordable that anyone could buy, nicely done texture and all mesh also the store doesn't only limit there stuff from bags but they also sell other items like sunglasses and more to come in near future plus owner put a lucky chairs and a freebie wall and there will be a monthly gifts. So what are you waiting for guys TP yourself at Sheik Bags *SB* and check this beautiful bags :)).

And before I forgot My Glam Shapes just release its new shapes for the month of March, there skins are very affordable plus it has style card and free physics and brows so what are you waiting for visit there store at the Marketplace :).

SKIN: TuTy's JOSIE Skin - FREE full set of 12 make ups in 2 tones (0L$ @MP)
OUTFIT: *HH* Group Members Valentine FEMALE
BAG: *SB* Sola Blue Brown tote Free
HAIR: ChiChickie! New Release Gift (subscriber's gift)

SKIN: .::Wow Skins::. Angela Tan (Midnight Mania)
HAIR:  little bones These Boots (check group notices)
OUTFIT: **[ B! ] :CHERISH: Corduroy skirt & knit tops
BAG: Bella's Lullaby/Valentine Gift 2012- MESH Travel Bag (0L$ @MP)
JEWELRIES: VIP Creation Set Jewelry - Red Diamond (subscribers Gift)

SKIN: .::Wow Skins::. Angela Tan (Midnight Mania)
 HAIR:  little bones Bang Bang (check group notices)
OUTFIT: ::Poised:: Refine Dress + SLink Shoes FEB14 GIFT
BAG: *SB* Sola Purple tote Free

 SKIN: .::Wow Skins::. Love skins & shape (Midnight Mania)
HAIR:  little bones These Boots (check group notices)
OUTFIT: MoiMoi B-Wood Valentine Outfit (0L$ @MP)

 SKIN: .::Wow Skins::. Love skins & shape (Midnight Mania)
HAIR: little bones. Bang Bang (check group notices)
DRESS: Patchwork Dress Outfit (0L$ @MP)
BAG: *SB* February Group Gift


If you have some comments and suggestions please don't hesitate to post your comments, your inputs are appreciated. HAPPY WEEKDAYS

visit  JS PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO, are now accepting clients, for more info. please send notecards to iamsybil resident or jaden hollow and don't forget to 
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I'm very hard on my bags because I tend to carry a lot of stuff with me.~Laura Linney


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