Saturday, April 5, 2014


Hi to all my Glamorous people, I think I did mention here in my blog that I am thinking of a free gift to everyone for my 100 blog post and I know this is my 104 post :)), sorry if It takes long, because I am thinking what would be the best gifts I can give you guys and luckily I got a sponsor on this project, The Sheik Bag owner, a wonderful person and my friend, Temeprance Snoodle, creates a glamorous freebie for the Glam and free and before I show you this gift. First I would like to thank you all for supporting and following my blogspot, and now it reaches its 100 posts and I am so happy. Thanks to all the views and likes, to all my friends who keep believing in me, to all the designers who give us freebies and gifts, to my sponsor for trusting me to blog their products. ( Poudre, Poised Design, Sheik Bag, Annomis Poses, Kikay Poses and Glam shapes).  

I started Glam and Free in August of 2013 and I didn't thought that my blog will go far and its purposes is to hunt freebie items and show this items to SL residents specially to those who are new to SL and how they can get it..  I used to be a noob, that's what people call  you when you are new in SL and when I came to SL I don't know how to improve my avatar because I have no linden and to get linden you need to use your RL money to buy, but I don't want to use my RL money so, I found out that they are free items in world and in market place and that is where my addiction for freebie begun and I came out on an idea to share this addiction to all you guys. And for months, I have been doing this I have help many people and I am so happy when they say that sweet words "THANK YOU". And Glam and free motto is: "You don't need to spend Linden just to look good all you need is to find free". 

And now it reaches is 100 blog post and this is a dream came true, its been awhile I am giving  and showing free stuff that I get from other designer and it is my dream to give away my own freebie and with the help of Sheik Bag and its owner and a good friend, Temperance Snoodle, we came up to give you this beautiful Sheik Purse with nice and glamorous style and I love the shoe with the peace sign on the top :)). Thank you so much Tempi for making my dream come true.

So guys here your freebie I hope you all like it, 



*SB* Tie dye purse (Glam and Free by Sybil 100 blog post gift)

 (you can pick it up here under the new product sign pic below of the item)


If you have some comments and suggestions please don't hesitate to post your comments, your inputs are appreciated. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART :))!

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thank you.


"You don't need to spend Linden just to look good all you need is to find free" 
~ iamsybil resident, Secondlife


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