Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#114 ====ATTRACTION====

Hey guys! End of the month? its guys stuff definitely. I made some experiment about my guy avi look today. I have used a female hair for my guy look :). Sometimes simple female hair style works specially if you want a rocker or hippie looks *grin and I met a lot of guys through out my SL journey and some of them really use hair that are made for women and it works but most of them are not too conscious about there avatar looks and some really look like noobs but I don't want to ask them for an avatar make over because I don't want to be rude or I am afraid I might offend them. Well, in every action there is a reason, I guess I just leave them that way :). I always thought if a person needs a change, it should comes with in and he seek for it. 

Attraction? what is an attraction, its an emotion or state that evokes interest or liking of someone or something, and when you say attraction, it involves romance and pleasure. Lets admit it,  we are all attracted to something pleasing in our eyes and that can be subjective because we have different preferences of course but the point is we like nice, good looking and pretty faces but  men are more likely to value physical attractiveness than are women. At first that will determined a romantic attraction but as of course compatibility and personality comes in a long run.  

I have a friend in SL and she is dating a not so attractive avatar and she ask me one time that, if I can help her update his boyfriend avatar and I said yes if the guy is willing. This friend of mine always told me that she is attracted to guys who are witty but also its more likely she wanted her boyfriend to me more attractive :). In my own opinion, Physical beauty only attracts the eyes, what is important is the is the beauty with in, Physical appearance fades, aging shows but inner beauty last and it grows as we get old, this is the personality molded by experience and learning which makes us more wiser and rational, maybe some of you will agree and some has there own opinions but what is important in every relationship either romantic or not, is that you compliment and understand each other   *:).  And here are my looks for today, I hope this guys is attractive to YOU :).

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The basic problem with my love relationships with women is that my standards are so high - and they apply equally to both of us. I seek full-blast mutual intensity, fully fledged mutual acceptance, full-blown mutual flourishing, and fully felt peace and joy with each other. This requires a level of physical attraction, personal adoration, and moral admiration that is hard to find. ~Cornel West


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