Tuesday, April 22, 2014

#112 ====LOVELY TUESDAY====

Hi to all my Glam people! Yesterday while I am doing the photos for my blog today, I have discovered something that I want to share to you. For the past weeks upon my exploration to SL, I have seen many avatar wearing mesh clothes that are deformed and stretched and one time, I saw this woman wearing deformed dress and I ask my friend what she sees in that woman's dress and I told her that I saw her dress deform and she said nothing, the dress is normal, and I was so confused and wondering, so I let that passed until yesterday I wore this very nice dress from QQ Fashion and it is a fitted mesh and to my surprised, the dress deforms and stretches and that is when I learn, Oh Ok! this explain what I saw and I assume that my viewer is not yet updated to this new innovation, I am using Catznip viewer by the way. I hope that the Catznip will update their viewer soon because I really love using Catznip every since I started to learn about this viewer but for now I need to download another viewer that is capable with fitted mesh. Check this video for additional knowledge about Fitted Mesh ~LINK. And because I can't get a decent photos to the fitted dress I got from QQ Fashion and for those of you guys never heard and experience about this new mesh product here is the landmark where you can get the (QQ Fashion - Liz Pink Gift - Fitted Mesh ****) ~LandMark. So here are my looks for today :))....

SKIN: * Morphine : Kazumi Native Skin (Smoky) :: Gift Jan 2014 (still available)
JEWELRIES: Lazuri Perlline Earrings 1&2 AND Necklace (fee to join)
SHOES: *SB* Tie Dye Pumps (SLFO Gift)
DRESS: top- ~ghee~ April 2014 VIP GIFT
DRESS: bottom- ~ghee~ burgundy cherry neglige  gift (0L$)

DRESS: (L)- !Soul - Mesh Short Tube Dress + Lolas + Lush Group Gift (5L$ to join)
DRESS:(R)- * Patulas House Easter 2014 Alexandra Dress Group Gift
HAIR: pr!tty - Lily -  Gift with 4 Color Hud (check group notice)
SKIN: * Morphine : Kazumi Native Skin (Smoky) :: Gift Jan 2014 (still available)
SHOES: ::HH:: Hucci Vinnitsa Sandal - Silver ~COLLABOR88~ (88L$)

SKIN: * Morphine : Lauren Medium Skin ~Group Gift March '14~(still available)
DRESS: (L)-.::KL Couture::. Grace/April's gift
DRESS: (R)- *Bliss Couture* MVW Bosl Fashion Show Giftbag
PONCHO: *Bliss Couture*! Bliss Fur ! Free Fur Poncho Giftbag


If you have some comments and suggestions please don't hesitate to post your comments, your inputs are appreciated. Happy Earth day!

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