Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Hey Every one, Today I will be posting about the Comics Fair 2014, the fair started yesterday,  April 15 to April 30.2014, the theme is obviously Fashion involved in Comics and there are 100 participating stores and that include Morphine Body Shop and the store will be selling gorgeous skin and the designer created this gorgeous skin just for the event. Sangreia Skin, it has four tones, Peach, Tan, Native and Void and each tones has 4 makeup that you can choose (Natural, Despair, Smoky and Shade) plus there are special appliers included and matching this gorgeous skin with this lovely gifts from Allure, actually there are many gifts at there store and some of them are complete outfit but I only choose some of my favorite and FYI, that all the gifts are scattered all over the store. so here is your looks for today hope you like it guys :))...

SKIN: * Morphine : Sangreia Flare Skintone (THE COMIC FAIR 2014)
HAIR: "LoQ Hair" ( sorry no longer available)

CORSET&SHORT: Allure Devious Panel Corset (Mesh-Irvory) Gift
 BOOTS: Allure Devious Knee Boots (Mesh-Ivory)-Bonus Item included in the Allure Devious Panel Corse

DRESS:  Allure Countess Thigh High Boots Gift
 BOOTS: Allure Countess Leather Ring Corset Dress (Black) - Bonus Item included in the Allure Countess Thigh High Boots Gift

CATSUIT:  Allure Siren Catsuit (Mesh-Avocado) Gift
 BOOTS: Allure Mystique Ankle Boots (Mesh-Red)Gift

SKIN: * Morphine: Sangreia Native Skintone (THE COMIC FAIR 2014)

DRESS: Allure Countess Plunging V-Neck Dress (Green) Gift
Boots: Allure Diva Ankle Boots (Mesh-Teal) Gift

BOOTS: Allure Stink Pretty Opium Boots (M-Royal-Blue) Gift
DRESS: Allure Vintage Zipper Dress (Pastel-Orange) Gift

JEANS: Allure Rebel Denim Jeans Ripped wCuff (Mesh-Blue) Gift
CORSET: Allure Stink Pretty Opium Corset (M-Gradient) Gift
Boots: Allure Allure Diva Ankle Boots (Mesh-Teal) Gift


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