Sunday, June 8, 2014

#140 ====HAY DAY====

Hay day everyone. Yes, I am Sybil the farmer lol. Few days back I moved to my SL brother house and he has a wonderful ranch and he raises Amaretto Horses. Amaretto Horses are SL breedable horses, you feed them and they also produce offspring and later you can sell it and you might produce a rare horse that can be sold at a high price and I know some people who are addicted to this horses including my SL brother *grin and I was once also became addicted with this horses :). So now I am in the countryside and living with my SL brother I will help him with the daily chores at the farm but I still want to look fashionable and with me are my three little pigs and I named them Piggy, Moo moo and Rocky, they are so cute and adorable and I will show you later where you can get your own Piggie Wiggie

Today I am wearing a creation of Ydreece Forster, owner and designer of Morphine BodyShop and Apparel. She created this outfits, Freya's Ensemble exclusive  for Fashion for Life. Fashion for Life is the oldest and grandest of Second Life’s fashion event and one of Relay For Life of SL’s mega-events and the purpose of this event is to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. 150 stores are participating with this event and the event was started last June 7, 2014 until June 20, 2014. Creators donates 15, 25, 50, 75 or 100% of all sales and if you buy the whole outfit from Morphine, 50 percent of the sale will be donated in the said event and that will be wonderful because your not only buying this lovely product from morphine at the same time you helping the event raise funds for the American Cancer Society, Please visit the Fashion for Life sim, donate and make a different and let us support this event for a cause and for more infos about the event you can click the following links below....


SKIN: * Morphine : FreyaV2 Peach Skintone
HAIR: TRUTH HAIR Sakura 1 Side 
[Blondes / Pink Bears]&[Light Browns / Red Bears] 
EARRINGS: Chrysalis Black Diamond Earrings (1L$@MP)

OUTFIT: * Morphine : Freya's Ensemble ~Polka ~FFL~
SHOES:* Morphine : MaryJane Slink High Shoes ~Polka with Color Hud ~FFL~
(Needs Slink feet)
PIG: Schadenfreude Harley Piggie Wiggie

 OUTFIT: * Morphine : Freya's Ensemble ~Dark ~FFL~
SHOES:* Morphine : MaryJane Slink High Shoes ~Dark with Color Hud ~FFL~
(Needs Slink feet)
PIG: Schadenfreude Moopig Piggie Wiggie

 OUTFIT:* Morphine : Freya's Ensemble ~ Chic ~FFL~
SHOES: * Morphine : MaryJane Slink High Shoes ~ Chic with Color Hud ~FFL~
(Needs Slink feet)
PIG: Schadenfreude Harley Piggie Wiggie

 OUTFIT: * Morphine : Freya's Ensemble ~Red ~FFL~
SHOES: * Morphine : MaryJane Slink High Shoes ~Red with Color Hud ~FFL~
(Needs Slink feet)
PIG: Schadenfreude Basic Piggie Wiggie


*Freya's Ensemble outfits and shoes are sold in pack and separately and the Fashion for Life Sim has a landing point, to be able to find the Morphine Store just follow the red arrow upon arriving at the FFL Sim.

*Check the website for Gacha Yard Sale Stores, so you don't have to risk your money and play for the same items like what happen to me when I play for the Piggie Wiggie and the Truth Sakura hair and I got same items :).. here is the link and on the page you can find the list of the Gacha Yard Sale Stores and there SLurls and thanks to my friend Annis for sharing me this info :).


If you have some comments and suggestions please don't hesitate to post your comments, your inputs are appreciated. MORE POWER TO FASHION FOR LIFE!

visit  JS PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO, are now accepting clients, for more info. please send notecards to iamsybil resident or jaden hollow and don't forget to 
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thank you.


As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others. ~Audrey Hepburn


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