Monday, July 28, 2014

#166 ====ALOHA FAIR 2014====

Aloha everyone, finally the Aloha Fair 2014 is officially open and I ma really excited :). As an one of the official blogger of the said fair we are allowed to check the sim before it will open and the sim really look great and I like the it looks, like a hidden paradise because of the mountains around the sim and its like a breathe of a fresh hair to see the sim. Definitely its more fun to shop with all the wonderful and sexy items you can get and today I will feature some of the Items and like what I have said that I will show you through the weeks the other items that are available at the said fair. 

Today I will be featuring some gorgeous designs and items from the following stores, hope you like it

SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins -Abby V1 -The Aloha Fair 2014
HAIR: Clawtooth: Very Very  Dollarbie Gift ~Hair Fair~
HABISCUS: D-Style - Hibiscus Hair Accessorie ~The Aloha Fair 2014 Gift~
BIKINI: {simply magik} Aloha Bandana Bikini -The Aloha Fair 2014
SANDALS: -SSW- LAST Flats Red  -The Aloha Fair 2014

HAIR: Alice Project National Anthem II ~Hair Fair~
SHOES: ]S]N]0]B] Aloha Heels -The Aloha Fair 2014
BIKINI: ~KaraBaby~ Honolulu Honey -The Aloha Fair 2014
TOE&FINGER NAILS: Candy Nail #S006 Aloha (with hand nail jewerly) -The Aloha Fair 2014

WREATH: Graffitiwear~Mermaid Hair Wreath ~The Aloha Fair 2014 Gift~
DRESS: {simply magik} Aloha Fair Bikini with Crotchet Cover up ~The Aloha Fair 2014 Gift~
SHOES: -SSW- FLW Pumpz -The Aloha Fair 2014

DRESS#1: ~KaraBaby~ Pearl City Tunic ~The Aloha Fair 2014 Gift~
DRESS#2: ~KaraBaby~ Ohahu Cabana Dress  -The Aloha Fair 2014
SHOES: ]S]N]0]B] Aloha Heels -The Aloha Fair 2014

BIKINI#1: Rir Sexy Hawaiian  Print  Bikini With HUD -The Aloha Fair 2014
HAIR: Alice Project National Anthem  ~Hair Fair~
DRESS: RKW27-Rams Wear-Aloha beige dress -The Aloha Fair 2014
BIKINI#2: Rir Hawaiian  Print  Bikini  Exclusive ~The Aloha Fair 2014 Gift~
SHOES#1: *Siria's Design* Red Flower Pearls -The Aloha Fair 2014
SHOES#2: *Siria's Design* Red Rose -The Aloha Fair 2014


If you have some comments and suggestions please don't hesitate to post your comments, your inputs are appreciated. ALOHA!

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    1. Which one is the wrong LM, is it the Aloha Fair.. well I double check it today and to find out if i really did gave a wrong LM and the LM is ok :).. you can check again :).

  2. fabfree members tried also and no way ..and today its the same it oblige to be in the group or something like ?

  3. Hi again sorry for the inconvenience, may I ask a few question so I can further assist you :)... or if you want to talk to me in world you can sent an IM or notecard tome (iamsybil resident).. my question is.. when ever you try to teleport at the LM provided at my link are you routed to other sim or simply you cant just enter the sim? because I talk to one of the concern people at the fair and you might probably experiencing lag or the sim is full because right now the sim is full and it can only accommodate 60 people. please sent me message in world I really like to assist you :).. have a wonderful day