Thursday, February 6, 2014


HI GUYS, lately I havd many things to do in RL and also in SL because of my long vacation and finally after busy days and SL breaks, I need to do some of the things I left in SL including working with my studio and our land and I know that you have been waiting for my post and I usually post everyday and I know I owe you guys big time, so this what I did, I collected all the freebies and dolarbies that I could get and put them all in this post. I hope you like what I have done. Thank you for your patience and support huggies guys xoxo.

SKIN: KRB Skins - Eden - Color Me Pink (1L$)
(this has Hairbases and Ponytails but I didn't used it to this post)
NAILS: [ S H O C K ] Fever Nails XXL Group Gift (1L$ to Join)

1: DRESS: ::FAC:: Rachel Dress  [Group gift J February 2014] 
HAIR: Maiterya

HAIR: Cavalieri - Zoe /Fatpack (1L$)
ACCESSORIES: Lazuri Gold Bangles  and Earrings (250L$ to Join)

3: DRESS: CASTIEL Hatchi Knit Brown/Gold dress January Group GIFT
 (look for SL frees and Offers Group Notices)

SKIN: [ S H O C K ] Megan *Winter* Skin G.Gift (1L$ to Join)

1: DRESS: [VM] Wool Dress Set Group Gift

2: DRESS: *VoguE* Phoenix Dress (0L$ Gift for non members)
HAIR: Cavalieri - Daisy Group Gift
BAG: BELLE EPOQUE Shirley Handbag- Group Gift
ACCESSORIES: Lazuri Diamond Tennis Bracelets and Necklace (250L$ to Join)

3: DRESS: !Soul - Mesh Mini Retro Dress + Lolas Group Gift (5L$ to Join)
HAIR: ''{ RoA }'' -Lilou2 (SL frees and offers Gift)
NECKLACE: BM Zodiac Necklaces (Midnight Mania)


If you have some comments and suggestions please don't hesitate to post your comments, your inputs are appreciated. HAPPY THURSDAY!!!

visit  JS PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO, are now accepting clients, for more info. please send notecards to iamsybil resident or jaden hollow and don't forget to 
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thank you.


This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.~Douglas Adams 


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