Saturday, February 8, 2014

#84 ==== PINK AND PURPLE====

HELLO Everyone, I just want to talk about something happen to me this week, Have you ever experienced wanting to be on a group because they have beautiful gifts for the members and you will pay for the membership fee just to be on that group and one time shit happens and to your surprised when you finally going to collect your monthly group gift the group was missing in your group box and you wonder why how is this happen and you might think you might accidentally deleted it due to the lag or you thought you delete another group and then the one you shouldn't have deleted is the one was been removed on your list and all you need to say a curse lol*. That was happen to me. well, one thing for sure I get a lesson for this, next time I should be more cautious about this so it wont be happen again and of course I don't want to pay another lindens for the group membership sigh*. Well for your curiosity, maybe you may ask what did I do after I found out that group I used to have is missing on my list. First, I decided to send a note card to the owner and ask her if she can add me again on the group. So, that what I did and the good thing is I got a speed response from the owner but unfortunately she said she couldn't get me back on the group and all I need to do is accept it because that is there policies and I wouldn't argue about that :)) and at least I have tried maybe she might consider my request isn't? lol. 

Ok! all is done and let just move on sigh*, I hope I can move on lol* but sure this group gifts I will show you will surely make our days. Two of the well known stores/designers in SL just recently released their February group gifts. Yes I am talking about Purple moon and Sascha Designs, and in order to get this beautiful gowns I am about to show you is you need to be on there groups and joining the group will cost you a small fee and if you were on their group don't be like me lol* I mean don't remove or delete the group you paid for :)). ok here are your gifts hope you enjoy xoxo.

SKIN: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ EWa ] - [ -Kinder Fairy ] group gift (free to join)
JEWELRIES: Lazuri La Vie en Rose  Earrings and Necklace (250L$ to join)
HAIRBASE: ""D!va"" Hairbase (All color pack) (free to join)
HAIR: Alice Project

GOWN: :: PM :: Aria Gown - Group Members Gift (50L$ to join)

EARRINGS: Chop Zuey L'Africaine Earrings 2
(0L$ no need to join the group this is free to anyone)

GOWN: SAS - February 2014 Gown (100L$ to join)


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