Friday, August 23, 2013

#4 ~~SKINS~~ 1st part

Hello gorgeous people, lately I have a bad internet connection due of the weather, a typhoon hits the country. Rain keeps pouring and sadly some area adjacent to our town were flooded. But no worries everything is fine everything is back to normal and still surviving. :))

Today we will be talking about skins and I will show you the skins I collected lately and I will post them in parts. Skins is very important in every avatar this will give you that unique and distinguish look to be different from everyone. Skin and shapes are inseparables, like the turtle and its shell. A  nice shape needs a nice skin one must compliment each other and for me molding my avatar shape in the way I wanted it and giving it a nice skin is an art. When I am new in Secondlife I don't know anything about this and my avatar really looks terrible and people tease me for having an ugly avatar.I was surrounded by good looking and pretty avatars,and I  live up with expectations because Filipinas mostly they have gorgeous avatars and if people tease you one thing comes in your mind, Change! I need to change the looks of my avatar and next question is how? To change your avatar is not that easy specially if your new in this game  and some players spent lindens just to have a nice avatar and we all know quality skins are quite expensive. And for a newbie like me, of course I don't have lindens to spent  but that wouldn't stop me  for changing the looks of my ugly avatar. And that what this blog is all about,  to look good without spending much.

When I started to change my avatar looks I became addicted to collect skins. but not just any skins I found. I only collected nice,quality, pretty, free and very affordable skins. And today I will post some of the skins I found recently and post them in parts, so I can sort fairer skins to darker skins because everyone of us has there own preferences and that goes with our personalities. So now I will share to you guys what I have collected and grab which one you like while there still in store. Most of this skins are free and some are very affordable, I hope you like them. 

7Deadly S[k]ins

SKIN: 7Deadly S[k]ins August group gift
EYE: MULHOLLAND - Hollywood SwagBag - Angelina Jolie Eyes/Mole Free <Marketplace>
HAIR:  Truth hair  Cece

( Grab this opportunity because the owner of 7 Deadly skins removed the fees to join the group until Sunday August 25, 2013, they are giving free skins for group members)


SKIN: Essences - Sash - Bittersweet 01 ~ light rose <TheDressing Room Fusion~70L$>
EYES: Eye Candi Eyes - Nature - Frog (Freebie) <Marketplace>

HAIR: "LoQ Hair" Scotch <The Dressing RoomFusion ~70L$>


SKIN: Essences - Subscribe Gift Essences - Pastel- Noodles-brunet
EYES: [HG] Free Eyes set  Black <Marketplace 1L$>
HAIR: "LoQ Hair" Lemonade 

( to be able to get the skin join the subscriber board and after, look for the subscriber terminal and touch it and when the subscriber box pops in your screen, click the history then click No. 3 and the gift will shortly deliver to you) 


EYES:~*By Snow*~ Fresh Eyes (Mushroom) w/MESH <Marketplace> 
HAIR: "LoQ Hair" Con Panna 

All skins I posted in this blog I only used one shape, which is the shape I made and I used always, but I have several shape in my shape store and you can drop by check them (Glam shape). I also mix and match this skins with my favorite hairs, eyelashes and free eyes, but you can basically wear any eyes, hair and eyelashes you like. 


If you have some comments and suggestions please don't hesitate to post your comments, your inputs are appreciated..happy day!!! 

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thank you


I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.~Martin Luther King, Jr. 

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