Thursday, August 29, 2013


Lovely day everyone. Recently I saw my old buddies and I had chit chat with them and I found out that they are selling wonderful mesh costumes for Role playing and I found some interesting stuff in there store and also freebies which I know you will like.

What is role playing, role playing is basically acting a certain role which you desire such as being a vampire, a gorean, etc. Role playing is recognize in Secondlife and most of my friends are into role playing. 

All of us has fantasies and that is why we play Secondlife, it is like our other life we like to portray and Secondlife has lots to offer. In this world you can be anything you wish, you can be a fairy, vampire, a fox, anything you could imagine. Role playing and fantasy goes together and what is the better way to act this  certain roles we choose? Of course the costumes, we need costumes and that what I will feature today. There is this store I found inworld it is called Lost Gem they sell astonishing medieval and gorean mesh costumes and there costume has intricate detail that every players will love and I personally love them. To add the complete look I style this costumes with some freebies I found inworld and marketplace. To all who love role playing check there store you might find an interesting piece. Keep safe every one!

COSTUME:  LOST GEM~ PatrioticExodisOutfit  <NEW REALEASE> 
HAIR:Miss C. Subscribe Gift / Mel - Fat Pack
SKIN:[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Arya 2 ] - [ -Supporter ] group gift
BOW AND ARROW: F.E. 2.0  - Sculpted Longbow - Building Kit
( this are sculpted bow and arrow that I put some texture for that realistic look)


COSTUME: LOST GEM ~The Assassin 100% mesh FREE Version 2 
(inspired from the Assassin creed)
SKIN:Curves! August group gift male

Thanks to this two talented people, Legend Darkrose and Aejay Jestyr for letting me feature there store. More power guys!


If you have some comments and suggestions please don't hesitate to post your comments, your inputs are appreciated..KEEP SAFE!!! 

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