Friday, October 25, 2013


Good day to all, Today, I will feature skins from Poudre Design and Poudre has this new amazing Lights & shadows and incredible details on there new skins and Poudre Design has decided to launch there new skin preview at the BOHO CULTURE FAIR II and below a Ads shown the different between the old skin and the new preview.

-POUDRE- New Generation  at 
with two New models Shina and Kenia 

And good news to all and to the :: PM :: /Purple Moon member after a long wait finally :: PM ::  designer, Poulet has comeback with lots of freebies for her :: PM :: Vips and congrats her to her new bundle of joy :). I really like PM for there beautiful gowns and nice group gifts and now :: PM :: has an ongoing store hunt, 16 items awaits the hunters but this is only exclusive among members but don't you worry non members because you can also join by joining PM group and to be in the group you need to pay a one time fee of 50L$, and 50L$ is just a small amount in what you will get and that includes a group gift :)).  And to all who wants to join the hunt you need to do is teleport HERE.

And now, I made a collaboration between PM and Poudre and style it with some freebies I collected from Analog dog and Argrace. I hope you like them.

SKIN:  -POUDRE- Shina - P - 02 - 
(with shapes, cleavage, appliers, teeth & freckles and dimples)
HAIR: Analog Dog  fablespoon with color hud (freeball)
TOP: :: PM :: Fab Top in Orange (hunt item)
SKIRT: :: PM :: Dahlia Skirt in Sienna (hunt item)
JEWELRIES: :: PM :: Bubbles Set in Orange (hunt item)
NAILS: :: PM :: Metallic Nails in Orange (hunt item)
SHOES: :: PM :: Mara Boots in Orange (hunt item)


SKIN: -POUDRE- Kenia - MM - 04 -
 (with shapes, cleavage, appliers, teeth & freckles and dimples)
HAIR: HAIR: Analog Dog  fablespoon with color hud (freeball)
TOP: :: PM :: Faye Top in Orange (hunt item)
LEGGINGS: :: PM :: Jungle Leggings in Orange (hunt item)
JEWELRIES: :: PM :: Margo Set Necklace + Earrings - Teal/Orange (hunt item)
BAG: :: PM :: Mara Handbag in Orange (hunt item)


SKIN: -POUDRE- Shina - M - 01 -
(with shapes, cleavage, appliers, teeth & freckles and dimples)
HAIR: *ARGRACE* Halloween Gift 2013 (until October 31st only)
DRESS: :: PM :: Audrey Tube Dress in Orange Satin (hunt item)
JEWELRIES: :: PM :: Atomic Set in Gold/Orange (hunt item)
SCARF: :: PM ::  Wool Scarves Orange Color Set (hunt item)
EYE GLASSES: :: PM :: Dorothy Cat Eye Glasses Orange (hunt item)


SKIN: -POUDRE- Kenia - MP - 05 -
 (with shapes, cleavage, appliers, teeth & freckles and dimples)
HAIR: HAIR: *ARGRACE* Halloween Gift 2013 (until October 31st only)
TOP:  :: PM :: Lily Top in Sienna (hunt item)
JEANS: :: PM ::Skinny Jeans in Orange (hunt item)
JEWELRIES: :: PM :: Venice Set - Halloween Edition (hunt item)

SKIN: -POUDRE- Shina - T - 03 -
(with shapes, cleavage, appliers, teeth & freckles and dimples)
TOP: :: PM :: Maybel Pullover in Orange (hunt item)


If you have some comments and suggestions please don't hesitate to post your comments, your inputs are appreciated. *wink!!! 

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thank you.


When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator. ~Mahatma Gandhi 

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