Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hello every one I hope your all having a good time, for the past months I have been blogging about hunts and I join many hunts to feature in my blog and because there are so many hunts going on around SL and I cant attend and join all of this hunts, so I only choose some that I prefer and there should be no fees and I don't need to buy huds or at least the price is at maximum of 1L$ but free is more better lol*. 

And this month there are many halloween hunts going on in world and because I love hunting so I join in some store hunting for this holloween and I will feature two halloween hunts I joined and this are the, CALICO PUMPKIN HAIR HUNT, started  last October 24th until October 31st, you have to look for small orange pumpkins that are scattered around the sim and MIAMAI, THE PINK PUMPKIN HUNT, There are 25 items  for girls and men, hunt started last October 27th and will end on  November  2nd, and you need to find a small pink pumpkin that are scatted around the sim too, also not only the hunts that you will love on this two store because both stores has beautiful sim scenery. 

Beside of this hunts I like to show you this Skin I got from AEVA, I really recommend that you have to get this skin because it is so pretty and there just giving away this beautiful skin for free as part of there Group Gifts. what good about this gift is that it has 8 tones that you can choose which tone you prefer, it has also  tattoo lashes from short lashes to long lashes, shape, parted alpha lips and a free bare feet with nail hud that comes also with 8 tones. :)). 

And here is some items I got from the two hunts but there are many more you can get, So start hunting now guys.... 

SKIN:  AEVA // Paris ~ Lacrimosa Group Gift (with 8 tones, bare feet w/ hud, parted lips, shapes)


If you have some comments and suggestions please don't hesitate to post your comments, your inputs are appreciated. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! 

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thank you.


Only the knife knows what goes on in the heart of a pumpkin. 
~Simone Schwarz-Bart 

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