Monday, November 4, 2013


Hi to all I hope you are all having a wonderful time like me :). Yesterday I went to Ricielli Store and they have this ongoing store hunt , its called Halloween 2013 hunt, hunt items are 15L$ each but what is good about this hunt is that you will not have hard time looking for that hidden object because the hunt objects are just scattered around the mesh section of the store and also all items are mesh plus you can only choose what items you like because there is a big ads at the store which shows what are the items for grab. Come and visit there store.

And I just like to share this to you guys, there are wonderful items for HOLLYWOOD CREATIONS members, owner sent gifts at the group notices that are dated last Oct 26 and October 31, sorry if I didn't post this soon because I am preoccuppied lately and please check it today because it might be removed at the notices soon, please check check check. And for my looks today I only grab some Ricielli Halloween Hunt items that caught my eyes and style them with more freebies I collected, I hope you like them, Thank you!

SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - November Group (there are fees to join)
(don't forget to wear your tag before you teleport to the VIP Room)
SHAPE:  GLAM SHAPES ~ Mia (50% OFF only 49L$@Marketplace)
HAIR:  .:{Rumina}:. Alyssa - Anniversary Gift with color hud
EYES:  Mayes Collection 1 (Lucky Letter)
Necklace from Lazuri, an old gifts

TOP: Ricielli - HALLOWEEN 2013 HUNT / ITEM #5 Mini Top (comes with 5 colors)
SHORTS: Ricielli - HALLOWEEN 2013 HUNT / ITEM #04 Teri Jean shorts (comes with 3 colors)
SHOES:  Hollywood Creations  - Holly Mesh Black Weave Diva Ankle boots (check group notices)
BAG: Ricielli - Birkin Bag (Group Gift) / Pink Crocodile 
Bangles from Bliss Couture 

DRESS: Ricielli - HALLOWEEN 2013 HUNT / ITEM #02 Sarah Spike Dress (comes with 3 colors)
BOOTS: Hollywood Creations Charlston black boots (check group notices)
AG: Ricielli - Birkin Bag (Group Gift) / Pink Crocodile 

TOP: Ricielli - HALLOWEEN 2013 HUNT / ITEM #11 knotted T-shirt (comes with 3 different prints)
JEANS: Ricielli - HALLOWEEN 2013 HUNT / ITEM #16 Stacey Pants  (comes with 6 colors)
SHOES:  Hollywood Creations - Holly Mesh Black Weave Diva Ankle boots (check group notices)

TOP: *Graffitiwear November 2013 Subscriber Group Gift
SHORTS: Ricielli - HALLOWEEN 2013 HUNT / ITEM #04 Teri Jean shorts (comes with 3 colors)
BOOTS: Hollywood Creations  Charlston fawn boots (check group notices)

Here are the hunt items and all you need to do is choose which number of the items you like and find the little ghost around the mesh section which bear the item you like and I do suggest that you buy the items that comes with other colors or fatpack such as numbers 2, 4,10,11,13,14,,15 and 16, because it is practical to have many options specially in styling your other clothes. Also before I forgot at the mesh section the previous Ricielli Hunts are still there and here is the LINK, maybe you can find some interesting items you would like to have :)). 


If you have some comments and suggestions please don't hesitate to post your comments, your inputs are appreciated. HAPPY DAY!!! 

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thank you.


Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.~Marilyn Monroe 

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