Friday, May 30, 2014


Hi to all my glam people, I like to share to you some gifts I got from Tukinowaguma, Lara Hurley, Skull Candy, HollyHood, Kirin Poses and Elemental and I have new post and gift from Rowena Spingflower and always check Rowena Spingflower store because every now and then the store rotates its items and gives bargains at 50L$ and also the stores gives group gifts and SLF&O gifts for limited time. So to be updated on what is going on at the stores please don't forget to join the Rowena Spingflower group and SLFO group for updates :)..


SKIN: Lara Hurley Skin-Gervaise Group Gift
EYES: ..::Skull Candy::.. Group gift July 2013 Jelly eyes Pink

LEFT DRESS: {RS} Brandy Halter Dress with Color HUD

RIGHT DRESS: {RS} Brandy Halter Dress Group Gift
SHOES: HOLLYHOOD- Holly Mesh Silver Bling me Boots Group Gift

LEFT DRESS: {RS} Hellen Dress 
SHOES: Tukinowaguma Elda Leopard Sandals Gift

RIGHT DRESS: {RS} Kelsey Mini Dress Bagged
SHOES:  Tukinowaguma Sonic Sandals Gift

LEFT OUTFIT: {RS} High Waist Pants & Tucked Shirt 
SHOES: Tukinowaguma KlosWhite Sandals Gift

RIGHT DRESS: {RS} Katie Schoolgirl Outfit 
SHOES: Tukinowaguma RoseRed Sandals Gift
POSES: Kirin Poses - Gift


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