Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#25 ~~~ RIDE MY BIKE ~~~

Good morning. To all gorgeous men this is for you. Me and my buddy Blake have done collecting our men freebies and we want to share this to you guys. Lately I am busy hunting and finally sort the items I got at The Autumn Effect hunt, I ask my friend Blake to join  me  hunting and good thing he said yes *lol*. The Double Trouble Hunts has an ongoing hunt and its called Real Men Wear Pink Hunt, started last September 15th until September 30th, yes its only 15 days hunt and 25 Stores will participate in the said event. I know you only have 5 days to join the hunt but I assure you that you can finish the hunt in just one day as we did. This is a Men only hunt and there will be a fee of 1 Linden for each items, though the items are not absolutely free but you will not regret you pay a linden for it, because the items are very nice and this is in supports of the  Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is what you need to find, you need to look for the two pink  "D" and focus on anything Pink and  visit there site at http://doubletroublerus.blogspot.com/

In this post Blake will be posing for me to show you some gorgeous finds we have collected from the hunts  (The Autumn Effect, Menstuffs and Real Men Wear Pink Hunt)  and freebies from other generous stores. I hope you like them. ~huggies~

MOTOR CYCLE:  Hogs & Cart Wheels Titan (TAE Hunt)

ARM TATTOOS::  B*FLY Tattoos - Time in Color (TAE Hunt)
JACKET & SHIRT: GET FROCKEDReal Men Wear Pink Hunt Gift 
(RMWP Hunt)

1st LOOK: 

***VIPs Creations*** Jayson Men GG 
(includes shirt, jacket, jeans & shoes)

2nd LOOK

JACKET & SHIRT: Miss Darcy - Dandy - Mulberry (RMWP Hunt)
JEANS: [AB] Bosee Jeans
SHOES: ::GB::Male Dress shoes(Browm)


FACIAL HAIR:  ::Fe Style::  - (Menstuff Hunt Gift #98)
SKIN: ***VIPs Creations*** - Mark Tan Skin Gift box
EYES: REAL EYES~Mirror Deep Olive (Sale Item) <5L$>

1st LOOK: 

SHIRT: Razor/// Gutter Punk Shirt (TAE Hunt)
HAIR: Tukinowaguma Bert Man Group GiftEYES: REAL EYES~RE_VR dublin Group Gift

2nd LOOK

JACKET & SHIRT: [[[[NOISE]]]] Rolled Sleeve Jacket Sushi (RMWP Hunt)
HAIR: Tukinowaguma Chad Man Group Gift
EYES: REAL EYES~RE_VR Hazel Group Gift

1st LOOK: 

SHIRT: *PB Designs* Prize (RMWP Hunt)
HAIR: Tukinowaguma Adolf Group giftEYES: REAL EYES~RE_Sharp Autumn Morning Group Gift

2nd LOOK

OUTFITS: VERO MODERO /  Male Group Gift (Newest)
HAIR: Tukinowaguma Adolf Man Group Gift
EYES: REAL EYES~RE_Sharp Autumn Morning Group Gift

SWEATSHIRT 1: xbody~ mardi gras 2013 bourbon gift
SWEATSHIRT 2: xbodyKick Off To Breast Cancer Awareness hoodie 
(RMWP Hunt)
SHOES: .:Syx&Ari:. Real Men Wear Pink!
BASEBALL CAP: :Ci Co: Mustache Cap Autumn (TAE Hunt)
EYES: REAL EYES~RE_Sharp Autumn Morning Group Gift

Many thanks to all lovely people at the Avenging Angels MC Riding Sim for letting my buddy Blake use there sim for this wonderful back grounds. 


If you have some comments and suggestions please don't hesitate to post your comments, your inputs are appreciated. HAPPY HUNTING!!! 

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thank you.


An intellectual is a man who doesn't know how to park a bike.~Spiro T. Agnew 

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